Elk Creek

The largest creek on our property, Elk Creek is the collector for both Laurel Creek and Dugger Creek. Marking one of the property boundaries, this features numerous put-in points due to the road (an old railway line leftover from the area’s timber history) that runs parallel to it. Stocked by the NC Department of Fisheries with three types of trout and wide-open lanes for big fly-fish casting, our collaboration with North Carolina Wildlife makes this a safe and exceptional fishing destination. The popular “delayed harvest” program assures that catches are virtually guaranteed for novice anglers and enthusiasts alike. Up to seven fish per day (only at certain times each year) are permitted for consumption. Though there is public access to Elk Creek, this location enjoys very low traffic, making it easy to have a private experience.  To understand more about this exciting area, call our sales team in Blowing Rock at 828.295.8667 or visit our Discovery Center located in the Martin House Courtyard at 1116 Main St., Suite 2 in downtown Blowing Rock, NC.