Laurel Creek

Divided into three distinct sections, Laurel Creek offers yet another impressive stretch of highly explorable and fishable, terrain. Upper Laurel Creek marks the headwaters of this valley, emerging as a wild stream above the Blue Hole where an exceptional brook trout hatchery offers incredible fishing. The wild nature of the trails in this section of stream requires moderate to high-level fitness to navigate.

Featuring a half-mile stretch of relatively flat land accessible to all fitness levels as well as all 4-wheel drive vehicles, Middle Laurel Creek is a picturesque place where families can camp out, picnic, or go for a dip in the Blue Hole.

Lower Laurel Creek encompasses the last three miles of the creekbed, from the intersection with Elk Creek to the Laurel Creek Campground. One of the best areas for fishing, this section of Laurel Creek contains over 12 species of fish, from small mouth bass, to brook trout, and brown trout. Fishing here is highly accessible throughout the creekbed itself and along the trails that run parallel on both sides. Accessible to 4-wheel drive vehicles, the best way to enjoy fishing here is to park at Elk Creek and walk upstream into Laurel Creek.