Our Trails

Explore Your Backyard

Our trail network is as vast and varied as those found in many a national park, snaking across all 6,000+ acres of BRMC land. There are three categories of trails in our network that at a glance, provide a snapshot of the kind of outdoor lifestyle enjoyed at BRMC. Download Our Trail Map

Hiking and UTV Trails

There are roughly 50+ miles of improved hiking and UTV trails to explore across the property, as well as numerous ‘primitive’ trails. These untouched trails are often traces of old timber and logging roads that give us a glimpse into the land’s storied history. Suited to the more intrepid hiker, many of these primitive trails still exist along the various streams and creeks, especially within the Laurel Creek settlement.

Outdoor Fitness

The Nickajack trail is a 1.5-mile trail around Watson Gap that wraps around the ridge-line and offers spectacular views of Dugger Valley and Laurel Creek Valley – inspiring vistas to accompany the planned outdoor workout stations that will be interspersed throughout the circuit.

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