Watson Gap Village

Watson Gap Village at Blue Ridge Mountain Club is poised to be the true social center of our thriving and vibrant community.



At Blue Ridge Mountain Club, our members gather in community together, both formally and informally, nearly every weekend. One of the many reasons that people flock to the High Country is to embrace a lifestyle that revolves around community and outdoor living. With numerous hiking and ATV/UTV trails, fishing holes, and over 20 scheduled member events a year, the ideal resident will be someone who wants the convenience of an ideal location, coupled with a gorgeous residence and intimate village experience. Introducing Watson Gap Village.

Watson Gap Village is located in the heart of Blue Ridge Mountain Club and boasts our most exclusive amenities to date. The Village experience will provide a true sense of community for members and their families. Groundbreaking on the Watson Gap Village took place this spring and construction is well.

wg-mapThe Community Clubhouse and Grill

The Clubhouse provides a unique environment for BRMC members to come and hang out together. From formal and informal community events, to weddings, parties, and more, the Clubhouse will be the hub of The Village.

You’ll also be able to stop by anytime for dinner or a glass of wine at the Grill. Offering incredible cuisine and your favorite selection of wine or beer, the Grill is sure to be a favorite among our members. Dine either inside or outside with friends and family on the patio facing the Great Lawn.

Fitness / Wellness Center

A happy community starts with a healthy one. So, we’ve designed a wellness center to provide our members with an indoor and outdoor fitness facility that’s first-class. Whether lifting weights, enjoying a spinning class, or practicing yoga, the Wellness Center will be a welcomed addition.

groundbreaking-2016The Great Lawn

The Great Lawn is a celebration of the great outdoors here at BRMC. This community gathering spot will play host to hundreds of families each and every week who come for the food and festivities. This pristine lawn overlooks the exceptional views that make Blue Ridge Mountain Club unforgettable.

Groundbreaking on Watson Gap Village took place this spring and is scheduled for completion early 2018.