Awetumn Camping at Blue Ridge Mountain Club

Autumn is easily my favorite season in the High Country. There really is no more beautiful place on earth than this time of year. The trees are filled with millions of hues of red, yellow and orange, and the crisp breeze feels so refreshing. This particular weekend, which was our Awetumn Camping event for Blue Ridge Mountain Club members and guests, the breeze was a little more than I bargained for at 40-50 mph sustained winds, which dosen’t make for prime camping conditions!

We were forced to scrap traditional camping for, let’s just say, an upclose sneak preview of the latest Watson Gap cottage at Blue Ridge Mountain Club (BRMC) that will be complete in just a few short weeks. All who braved the weather were great sports and we proceeded to have a fun and very memorable weekend filled with good company, laughter, community and really good food. The camp cuisine was unbelievable and BRMC General Manager Jim Pitts more than earned the nickname, "Dutch Oven Dude."
Although the weekend didn’t go exactly as planned, it was neat to see everyone pull together and turn lemons into delicious lemonade.