Blowing Rock Winter Traditions

One of Blowing Rock’s great winter traditions is sledding the hill at the intersection of Shull’s Mill Road the Blue Ridge Parkway.   It is quite an amazing spectacle and a very unexpected experience to come upon the sledding hill, especially on a sunny winter day.   People of all ages are everywhere….dragging sleds, pulling children and making snowmen.   The one experience you cannot get from the picture however is the sound…children and adults screaming with fear and glee all at the same time and the sound of sleds, toboggans and snowboards zooming down the hillside.  I did not have a sled but asked someone taking a rest if I could borrow theirs for one run…what a great ride!!!  And, as I was leaving I reflected on the simple pleasure that comes from a little speed, a slippery surface and the wind in my face…what an exceptional tradition.