A Blue Ridge Mountain Club Family

Working for Blue Ridge Mountain Club (BRMC) has too many perks to name. The amazing views, homes, and events are great but the members here are what really make Blue Ridge Mountain Club more than your average community. Each member greets you with a hug and a smile and if it is your first time at an event they will be sure to introduce themselves and ask you to join them for dinner or drinks.

Originally from Elon, NC it is not often that I see or visit with my own family and having a family here at BRMC truly makes up for that. Today was my 25th birthday and I was a little homesick not being with my family on such a special day but,BRMC Member Marilyn Lapidus quickly reminded me that I have another family, here at BRMC, as she and her husband Steve hurried out of the snow and into my office with a beautiful birthday cake. Members like this are what truly make a community special, and here at Blue Ridge Mountain Club we like to consider ourselves a family. 

I hope you will come up soon to experience the community for yourself. I can promise there is nothing out there quite like it.