Blue Ridge Mountain Club Members Wake Up to Snow

Blue Ridge Mountain Club (BRMC) Members woke up to a beautiful sight this morning, snow covered views. The High Country received quite the snow storm from Winter Storm Iago last night, some areas totaling up to 12 inches in accumulation.

Although winter weather can be stunning to look at from the window it can sometimes be quite the inconvenience, altering schedules and plans that you may have had for the day. However, BRMC members could rest through the night knowing that Blue Ridge Mountain Club’s POA would have their roads clear by morning.

BRMC member Hutch Johnson had a busy day scheduled following up on things for his Blue Ridge Mountain Club home, which is currently under construction. He was thrilled to see things were taken care of and he could go about his day as planned.

"When Hyco (family dog) decided he needed to go out at 3:00am I saw that the roads had already been plowed. My wife Kate and I were out and about on the roads at 8:30 this morning –  we even "pressed" a call on a fellow BRMC owner Marilyn Lapidus and had a cup of coffee. Our builder was working away at our house which is currently under construction. It’s really nice to know how responsive people were to the weather situation." (Hutch Johnson)

Enjoy the snow and stay warm!