Blue Ridge Mountain Club's House Musician

If anyone can speak to the evolution of Blue Ridge Mountain Club (BRMC), it’s Peter Gatti, one of our very first members and the first to build his family home in the community. Hailing from Atlanta, the Gattis had been looking for a cooler place to spend part of the year – a place they could retire to and never grow tired of. Having looked all over the High Country, they settled on BRMC after discovering and falling in love with Blowing Rock. Since retiring Peter has re-invested in his lifelong hobby and passion of playing music.


Peter’s band, Lawyers, Guns, and Money, which originated in Bradenton, FL, recently played for an enthusiastic crowd at Blue Ridge Mountain Club’s inaugural Supper Club. Peter was kind enough to share some background on the band and the story behind the inspiration for their newest song, When the Rubber Meets the Road, which you can read about below.



In late 2011, I was lucky enough to have been contacted by a local rock and roll band called Lawyers Guns and Money.  They were looking for a keyboard player, and thought I might be a good match.  That same night, they also added Tarah, our lead singer.

Lawyers, Guns & Money was formed after lead guitarist, Dave Becker, came back from a Rock & Roll Fantasy Camp in Philly where he had an opportunity to jam with several of his R&R heroes. He returned to Bradenton, FL ready to rock! Ironically, I also attended Rock & Roll Fantasy Camp in San Francisco, which inspired me to look into playing live gigs again.

Since joining the band in 2011, we have progressed and become a very popular band in Bradenton, FL. Recently we had a "Rock & Roll Road Trip" to BRMC to play at the Inaugural Supper Club event and to record 5 original songs in my studio. What a trip it ended up being!

The band all loaded into an RV at 4:30am was hoping to arrive at BRMC around dinner time.  Well, less than three hours into the trip, they got a flat tire in the middle of nowhere!  Three hours later, they were back on the road, only to get another flat tire within three hours from the first!  It became funny at this point and inspired a sixth original song to be written on the road, called "When the Rubber Meets the Road".

Well the good news is the RV rolled into "Casa Gatti" at around 11:30 pm, and all was well. We were able to record all 6 songs that week for the rollout of our new CD (coming soon). The week ended on a very high note, as we were able to perform at the very first BRMC supper club event, and rocked the mountains like never before!  With some luck, the band will be back next year to perform again for BRMC.


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