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Blue Ridge Mountain Club's Unbelievably Great Outdoors

Easter weekend at Blue Ridge Mountain Club (BRMC) was full of fabulous weather, stunning views, and hiking in the Unbelievably Great Outdoors.

Upon arrival into Blowing Rock on Good Friday, we were graced with an ominous check engine light. A handy referral from BRMC Sales Director Chris England pointed us to Booker’s Bumper to Bumper in Boone, NC. Though it was closing time on Good Friday, they quickly assessed and corrected the problem. Thanks Tim Booker! With that behind us, we were left to begin our wonderful stay in the mountains.

What a gorgeous drive into Blue Ridge Mountain Club, starting with the stone gatehouse at the top of the community to the winding, well-manicured roads, graced with the occasional wild turkey or deer grazing on the side. When we arrived at our Watson Gap cottage, we were awestruck by the endless views afforded from the back deck. The beautifully-appointed cottage was a real treat, and made for a perfect basecamp from which to hike the property.

Speaking of hikes, after a sun-filled morning walk exploring many of the new homes under construction, we spent the afternoon hiking the five-mile Dugger Creek Trail, the community’s signature hike, as recommended by General Manager Jim Pitts. The trail culminated in a gorgeous cascade pouring over impressive boulders. My favorite part was crossing the creek more than 30 times from start to finish. It required a combination of skill and agility and we thoroughly enjoyed the challenge. Later that evening we drove into Blowing Rock for a delicious dinner at Bistro Roca, where the habi mac ‘n cheese starter is a must! Back at BRMC we stretched out on the pavilion lawn and gazed at the stars. I’ve never seen so many stars in my life. We were able to make out the usual suspects with no problem, but we also got to see mars just before a grand harvest moon popped up on the horizon.

The next morning we decided to hike to the Blue Hole before heading back to reality. It’s a beautiful mile hike down to the crystal clear swimming hole, with streams along the way. While we were tempted to jump in, a quick tip of the toe suggested that might be overly ambitious. Another month and it would be a different story.

After such a great weekend connecting with nature, it was really hard to leave that afternoon. Although, I had great comfort in knowing we would definitely be back.