BRMC Community Ambassadors Program

It has become very noticeable in recent months that members of BRMC are more than individuals who live in the community; they are becoming a close knit family.  In ever increasing numbers we see our members getting involved in the day to day aspects of what makes our community special.   The sense of community we are starting to experience is not necessarily established as a result of our member/guest events and community programming, but as an evolution of growing friendships, dinner parties, afternoon trail rides and hikes, picnics at the Blue Hole, informal gatherings, and the anticipation of reconnecting with each other.   This year in particular, several members have inquired about getting involved as volunteers to help promote and elevate this growing sense of community.   In response to these inquiries, BRMC is formally working to establish a community ambassadors program.  While in its infancy, this program is intended to provide members an opportunity to interact in unique ways with the developer and the members.  And while it is an evolving initiative, in typical grass roots fashion it has already reaped the benefits of volunteer ambition.  Our first Ambassador on the scene was member Hutch Johnson and his trusty sidekick Lulu, who spent a portion of their Sunday staffing the gate house and greeting visitors to the community.  Hutch was kind enough to prepare a blog of his experience which is below.  We are very pleased to launch this program and over the coming months will formalize the characteristics of the program so others may get involved.  Thanks for your interest and more to come!

Ambassador dog LULU takes good care of everyone from the Gatehouse at BRMC.


She makes certain that all is well from many Vantage Points.


 It was an exhilarating but exhausting day.


There was of course a "Spot Check" from one of the other Co-Head-Ambassadors, Jonathan Topodas, to be certain all was done correctly.