The Call – Summer 2011 Issue

Each issue of The Call is dedicated to the people, places, and “Unbelievably Great Outdoors” that make this budding, destination residential community so special.

We named our magazine The Call in reference to each individual’s own personal summons to fulfill a very real, deep-seeded, and implacable need. As a club community, located in a highly desirable mountain location, with an infinite array of meaningful experiences in nature waiting to be had, BRMC will call to people in many different voices. Yet the call itself belongs to a voice that comes from deep within: it’s a quickening of the pulse upon seeing an unbelievably dramatic sunrise; it’s the strumming of heartstrings produced by the genuine nods of welcome received on a stroll down Main Street Blowing Rock; it’s the pang of nostalgia one experiences from a place that feels like it’s been waiting for you all your life.