Christmas Window Shopping in Blowing Rock

There was familiar smell last weekend as I strolled the streets of Main Street in Blowing Rock. Was it the fresh pine bough wreaths? No, it was actually the waffle cones at Kilwins that filled the air that day, triggering the stir of Christmas excitement in my stomach.

Coming to the High Country for the holidays is something visitors and  seasonal property owners look forward to every year. Bundled up like Randy from A Christmas Story. Folks of all ages would tote around the unique gifts they discovered from the many shops, with their decorated  windowfronts on Main Street, and you can catch some children looking at the magical scenes shopkeepers created. It’s as if they were hypnotized, sending them into a dreamlike state where they could make believe that the enchanted landscapes were actual winter wonderlands where they could play with Santa’s reindeer or fly through the sky with Christmas fairies.

The festive holiday window dressing can make one dream of living in the mountains some day, so I encourage one and all to come up to the High Country to experience first-hand these magical Main Street shops.