Embracing the Spirit of Community

As a family, we have spent the last few years looking for the right community in both North and South Carolina from the coastline to the hills to get away from the constant action in the suburbs of Charlotte. We looked at beach property in North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia; at mountain property in Asheville, Boone, Blowing Rock and areas in between. But when it came down to the final decision, it was a matter of what made sense for the entire family.

First and foremost, our family wanted to have a wide range of activities to take advantage of throughout the year. We did not want a second home so seasonal, that it pretty much shut down during off seasons. We wanted to enjoy spending a little time away from the bustle year round.
Secondly, we wanted to be a part of residential environment which supports us with a variety of activities and with residents who share our interest and embrace the spirit of community. Whether it is skiing, hiking, tubing, Christmas tree cutting events, spa treatments or simply getting together with fellow residents for a BBQ, there is always something going on in the community that keeps you coming back ready for the next adventure in the Blue Ridge Mountain Club.
Last but definitely not least, we wanted a community we can not only be part of, but also can grow with. Blue Ridge Mountain Club is an evolving community moving in the right direction. The residents are extraordinarily active in the community and the partnership with the BRMC team – Jamie and Whitney – has been phenomenal! It’s hard to tell between the residents and BRMC team.  We are so happy to be part of the BRMC family and are excited to be part of the community’s growth.