A Great Neighbor in Blowing Rock

Since moving to Blowing Rock, North Carolina in 2008, we’ve met the neighbors, settled in, and come to a few conclusions about life in these mountains. What we’ve discovered is a place so genuinely welcoming, that being yourself is as easy as breathing, and a setting so beautiful, it will stop you in your tracks. The people of Blowing Rock have shown us the value of authenticity, the importance of neighborliness, and the benefits of giving back as much as you receive. Indeed, belonging to this big-hearted small town is one of the greatest perks of being a part of Blue Ridge Mountain Club, and we are in a long line of people who would whole-heartedly agree. In our short time here, we’ve had the pleasure of getting to know many Blowing Rock residents, some long-time and some new. Their reasons for returning to what for some is the scene of childhood summers, is three-fold. Here are the Top Three reasons why we ALL love this town: atmosphere, natural beauty and climate.

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