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Hiking Glen Burney Falls

Certainly on the “Top Ten” list of Blowing Rock attractions and the best “in town” hike is Glen Burney Falls.  With the trailhead just one block off Main Street, this is a wonderful hike to one of the areas best waterfalls and a great way to escape Main Street pedestrians. At 3.2 miles round trip, the hike encounters four different points of interest along the way as it follows New Year Creek, which creates the falls.

After ½ mile you encounter some old ruins of a water treatment facility dating back to 1929. As the trails descends, it creates a series of cascades and you see the first sign indicating a viewing area on this the portion of the falls called…wait for it…“The Cascades."  Keep hiking a few minutes and next is viewing platform at the top of Glen Burney Falls. Some call it quits here, but it’s worth a little extra effort to reach the bottom of the falls for a more spectacular viewing angle. Better yet is the final ¼ mile to Glen Marie Falls, an even more dramatic waterfall aptly named in honor of a beloved wife. As an area favorite, I hope you have an opportunity to enjoy this hike while visiting us on one of our “Discovery Getaways.”