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While the on-property dining experience at BRMC is still under development, our close relationship with Chetola Resort welcomes members to a nearby fine dining destination with an intimate club atmosphere. Timberlake’s at Chetola Resort is renowned for the exceptional artistry and imagination that goes into its menu creations, which always feature the finest and freshest local ingredients.

For many members, their first introduction to fine mountain dining in Blowing Rock was The Best Cellar restaurant at the Inn at Ragged Gardens. Specializing in the freshest and finest local meats and seafood, The Best Cellar has been a local favorite since it opened in 1975.

Our casual dining recommendations include two longtime favorites: Bistro Roca in downtown Blowing Rock, and Joy’s Bistro in downtown Boone.  Perfect location for real estate Boone NC.

Supper Club

Once a month from June to September, Blue Ridge Mountain Club members get together for Supper Club at Watson Gap Pavilion. Each occasion features a different chef from the region, who introduces gourmand members to outstanding and innovative cuisine. Supper Club is one of our most anticipated and delicious community events!