Marilyn Lapidus Bio

 I’m a proud homeowner at Blue Ridge Mountain Club and I’ve been asked to contribute a monthly recipe to this blog.  I confess I am an absolute ‘foodie’, having been involved in some aspect of the food industry for almost 40 years.  Way back when, while living in New York, I worked for seven years with Graham Kerr, the Galloping Gourmet. Perhaps some of you younger folk don’t remember his television show but I’m sure others do.  He debuted at the time that Julia Child and James Beard were first becoming legends. I worked on a food product line to label under his name as well as a cookware line, plus I participated in his TV shows, TV guest appearances and worked on his cookbooks. It was great fun and that was the time I developed my love for cooking. When my husband Steve and I moved to Miami in 1977, I started a catering business and taught cooking classes, and then 18 years ago I set up a dessert-only business out of our home.  My passion is food and cooking for others so I’ll be sharing some of my favorite recipes with you – some sweet, some savory – and I hope you enjoy them!

– Marilyn Lapidus (Foodie at Heart)