Mysterious Fog at Blue Ridge Mountain Club

No matter what time of year it is in the Blowing Rock area, at some point there is a possibility of fog. This is not always a bad thing. You see fog comes in all shapes and sizes, and it can move in and out in minutes, or even seconds.

As I was driving on The Blue Ridge Parkway last weekend, I was excited to see the sun starting to come out after a brief morning rain shower. Even though the sun was shining above, I began to watch in amazement the fog lifting up rapidly from the valleys. As I drove through the gate at Blue Ridge Mountain Club (BRMC), with the sun at my back, I could see that we would be driving right through the rising fog from the valleys, and realized that once I passed through, it would again be sunny. Sure enough, my son and I parked the car, and watched the fog move past us in five minutes. It was incredible to watch it unfold.