Rainbows Over Blue Ridge

Answer the call?  What a fitting tagline for Blue Ridge Mountain Club (BRMC).  The call is many things – the call to nature, the call to adventure and, for me, the call to slow down and relax. 

This past weekend I answered the call and brought my family to BRMC for a fall getaway.  It was more than we could have imagined.  The moment we arrived at the gatehouse and were greeted by Jack we knew we were in for something special.  Upon leaving the gatehouse, my blood pressure began to drop precipitously as we proceeded down the mountain taking in the awe-inspiring views along the way.  We stayed in the newly completed model cottage in the Watson Gap community. At its center, the Watson Gap Pavilion, a spacious community gathering area, has developed into a masterpiece that combines modern conveniences (outdoor fireplaces, grills, restrooms, etc.) with some of the most incredible views in North Carolina. 

On our first night we discovered the stars.  We ventured out to the driveway and stretched out on our backs for hours, mesmerized by the volume and beauty of the night sky. I swear you can see the Milky Way and we even saw a few shooting stars. After a cold front pushed through overnight, we awakened to the first snowflakes of the season, which were immediately followed by rainbows scattered across the property.  My boys and I spent the morning roaming the property searching for pots of gold.  It was truly incredible.  Around every turn was another rainbow.  We never found the gold, but we took away with us a great fortune of memories that will last forever.

John Morris
Reynolds Development & Management Group
Atlanta, GA