Read the Eco Issue of Blue Ridge Mountain Club's Community Magazine

Welcome to the fourth issue of the Blue Ridge Mountain Club (BRMC) community magazine, focused on protecting and preserving our most precious asset: the property we refer to as our “Unbelievably Great Outdoors.” When we first began cementing the vision for this unique mountain community in words, we established four cornerstone values to serve as guiding development principles. One of them
is “Attend to the Land,” and as you can read on the next page, this represents our commitment toward fostering a culture of stewardship within our community.

This issue, BRMC is happy to introduce a new friendship that promises to strengthen both our connection to this land and our contribution to preserving its natural splendor. Our Outbound program will be teaming up with the Coyote Club, an organization geared toward helping children and families get closer to the earth by discovering it up-close, through wilderness survival activities, exploration, and discovery in nature. We’re also highlighting local organizations and efforts toward protecting the entire Blue Ridge area.

We hope this issue of The Call will inspire and excite you to get outside and appreciate the beauty of your backyard, and ours! Take a hike through Dugger Valley and follow the growth of a stream from a trickle to a crashing waterfall; pause on a rock and see how many different plant (or animal) species you can spot; explore, ponder, investigate, and appreciate the incredible outdoors around you.