Sunset Over Grandfather Mountain

 As we get into late fall in the Blowing Rock area, there come many changes. The morning air has an extra bite to it, there’s a constant hum of leaf blowers taking care of the fallen leaves, and the hustle and bustle of visitors to the area is more confined to the weekends.

The other amazing change is how the sun sets gracefully over Grandfather Mountain in the fall. While driving along the Blue Ridge Parkway with my wife, Christine, we noticed we had about 30 minutes before the sun would disappear behind majestic Grandfather Mountain and knew of just the perfect place to experience this event. We quickly turned onto Green Hill Road, and arrived at Canyons restaurant with five minutes to spare.
Canyons restaurant in Blowing Rock, best known for their Sunday jazz brunch, offers outdoor seating that faces southwest with incredible views looking down the Johns River Gorge and directly at Grandfather Mountain. We were able to capture a few photos just as the sun was setting, and then settled in for a nice cozy meal.